My Big Sister and Rett Syndrome

by Sandy on December 14, 2012

My Big Sister (Anna-Marie) age 36 – Rett Syndrome

MarleneAndAnna-MarieAll I can remember when I was little was me and her playing “hide and seek”.  She would laugh very loud if she found me. If she was upset I would dance with her on Hanson song MMMbop to make her happy.

My sister was only diagnosed on the age of 17 with Rett Syndrome. She is 7 year older then me.  All I wished for was that we could chat about boys, secrets and life.


It was hard to grow up with a Rett syndrome sister, making friends was difficult, but I did not care because she is my sister and if you can not accept her then you are not a real friend. Me and my sister are still to this day very, very close and I care for her very deeply.

She is the reason why I work with special needs today and help and support their family.

Anna-Marie I love you just the way you are .  You keep me humble and I will always care, love and protect you because you are my inspiration.

From your little sister Marleen


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