Caring Thoughts

Hi there,

These are the pages where I will be adding poetry, quotes and other special and caring thoughts related to children who are disabled and or have special needs.

Sadly far too many people automatically label a special needs child as being mentally deficient simply because their bodies don’t function as per the “norm”.

This is far from the truth. Yes, some children are not quite as “bright” as others, but this is true of normal able-bodied children as well.

To my mind, it is imperative that we educate the general public as much as possible. When meeting someone new and in company of my granddaughter, I immediately tell them all about the fact that she has Rett Syndrome and request that they treat her as they would any normal child despite the fact that she cannot speak; has problems with hand movement; and walks like a drunkard.

Please, please, don’t be ashamed of your special needs child. He or she has so much to teach us and those around us. Learn and help others to learn about the wonderful and unique qualities that our special needs and disabled children have.

Like any child, their love is unconditional. They rely so much on you for protection and affection. Teach others to understand your child and his or her needs. Teach them to realize that because their bodies don’t function correctly, it does not mean that their minds are also damaged.


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